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AW139 Best in Class

The AW 139 is the best selling twin engine helicopter in its class with over 1000 units in service.

Experience performance and luxury at its best with the AW 139 – the ultimate helicopter for discerning flyers. Unmatched in its class, this Leonardo masterpiece guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride with its spacious cabin, superior speed, and cutting-edge technology. Elevate your flying experience with the AW 139 – the perfect blend of power and refinement.

interior of AW139 executive cabin type with cream leather seats facing each other

Flight Range

1,187 KM – 641 NM

Technical Data

6,400 KG – 14,110 LB
Max Gross Weight
6.800/7.000 KG – 14.991/15.432 LB
Increased Gross Weight (available as a kit)
2 x Pratt & Whitney PT6C-67C Turboshafts with FADEC
16.66 M – 54 FT 08 IN
Overall Length (rotors turning)
4.98 M – 16 FT 04 IN
Overall Height (rotors turning)
13.8 M – 45 FT 03 IN
Rotor Diameter
4,672 M – 15,327 FT
Hige (ISA, MGW, TOP)
2,476 M – 8,123 FT
Hoge (ISA, MGW, TOP)
5 Hr 38 Min
Max. Endurance (@5,000 FT, ISA, MGW with auxiliary fuel tank – no reserve)

Unmatched in Performance, Operational Versatility and Cabin Size

Superior performance, advanced safety design features, and state-of-the-art avionics enable the AW 139 to carry up to 15 passengers with the best power reserve of any helicopter in its class.

cabin type executive layout of AW139

AW 139 Executive

cabin type executive interior
cabin type 5 Star layout of AW139

AW 139 5 Star

cabin type 5 Star interior of AW139
cabin type deluxe layout of AW139

AW 139 Deluxe

cabin type deluxe interior of AW139
cabin type corporate layout of AW139

AW 139 Corporate

cabin type corporate interior of AW139

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